Hamlet 2

April 29th, 2009

S: If you cross Napoleon Dynamite with Dead Poets Society and add in some Godspell and a pinch of High School Musical, you might come close to the essence of this movie. Steve Coogan is hilarious as Dave Marschz (just telling people how to pronounce his name is a big laugh every time it happens). He is a failed actor who, after doing commercials for things like genital herpes medication, has found himself at the rock bottom of the actor’s life teaching drama at a Tuscon High School. When the “tough kids” get forced from shop class due to asbestos-covered portables and join his drama class of 2, he tries to teach them to love theater in a parody of the inspirational teacher movie. He begins to work on a socio-political-avant-garde musical that allows Hamlet to go back in time with Jesus, to prevent everyone from dying at the end. The play also gives Hamlet and Dave an opportunity for father forgiveness. It’s so controversial, it gets the drama program shut down and forces the kids to pull together to save the day in old Andy Rooney “let’s do a show” fashion. However the musical numbers rock – no pun intended – Jesus H Christ, LOL.

All I can say is the song “Rock Me, Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” left me spitting my Margarita out of my nose. This movie is really dumb funny, but I enjoyed it and found it better than Prozac for lifting my spirits. Some of my favorite moments:  the Tuscon Gay Men’s Chorus comes to school singing “She’s A Maniac” from Flashdance as musical accompaniment, the Kaftan scene, Dave roller skating around Tuscon (really Albuquerque).  The film also has gratuitous Elizabeth Shue and David Arquette in bit parts that shine. I give this movie 3 enthusiastic smooches!

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