The Big Year

August 24th, 2012

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Starring Jack Black, Steve Martin, & Owen Wilson, The Big Year is a tale of how the strong call of a passion can transform into obsession and can lead to unexpected friendships and even a mutual respect for fierce competitors who share the same love. With the actors in this movie, I expected a knee-slapper comedy, and while it did deliver many laughs, I would rank it more in the genre of Parenthood — heartwarming at times and heartwrenching at times, with a clever touch of comedy throughout.

The three main characters are all bird watchers who unknowingly to each other (at first), are all aiming for a Big Year, which means they log as many bird sightings as possible in one calendar year, with the possibility of claiming the world record. Their pursuit of this dream takes them all over the world in all different seasons, which forces them to make difficult decisions regarding their families, jobs, and friends—all of which can result in sacrifice or reward, depending on how they choose. The true meaning of winning in the end is defined quite differently than you might have expected in the beginning.

The movie is even more delightful with humorous and touching support performances by Diane Weist, Brian Dennehy, Jim Parsons (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory), Tim Blake Nelson (Delmar from O Brother Where Art Thou), and a great role by Angelica Huston. I laughed and I cried (sometimes simultaneously), and I felt truly rewarded for having watched this movie. I highly recommend it!

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A – I just watched this movie recently and I thought it was great. Jack Black is one of my favorite leading men. I loved him in The Holiday as you know (since watching The Holiday is one of our guilty seasonal pleasures). He is just wonderful.
In fact this is a kind of an unassuming movie that just sneaks up on you and before you know it your are laughing or crying. It shows what price you can pay for your passions but also revels in new found friends. website analysis . I loved the great relationship between Jack Black’s character and his Dad played by Brian Dennehy.

One person you didn’t mentions was JoBeth Williams who played Steve Martin’s wife. She was so big in the 80’s (Kramer vs. Kramer, The Big Chill). I really enjoyed seeing her in a movie again.

Loved it!!!

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