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The Living and the Dead – BBC Series

April 9th, 2017

A and I have been watching an amazing horror-ish series from the BBC called The Living and the Dead. I have finished it, and she is about to finish it. Back on a cold winter’s day at the end of last year. I binged watched this show. I loved it and was very sad to hear it was cancelled and not coming back for season 2. That said, season 1 is like this perfect story arc for me and I just watched the entire series again so that A and I would be watching at the same time.

When watching this, at some point I had to log in to Facebook and tell all of my friends, “Oh My GOD! I just screamed at my television!”

The series starts out slowly and is a very beautiful period piece. Costumes, set, etc. are perfect in their details. It feels like a simple ghost story… kind of spooky and atmospheric. But as the episodes roll by, you start to see glimpses of things that let you know you ain’t in Kansas anymore – or instead of Kansas on a quaint Victorian era farm. I don’t want to give anything away BUT go, stream this or buy this and watch it as soon as you can. Keep going through the first three episodes – it will pick up momentum. If you like dark, period-era ghost stories, you will love this. The second time I watched it, rather than screaming, tears streamed down my face. I love this show

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