In Bruges

March 17th, 2009

S: So A, do you think Bruges is a shithole? And what did you think about a film that has Colin Farrell and a midget? I thought the midget was sexy… go figure. This is one of my favorite black comedies. Ralph Fiennes was amazing playing against type. I mean, watching him in this and then in The Reader – he’s got some range. Oh and did I mention the midget? I thought the script was funny and sad and the dialog made me laugh out loud. The sets and scenery made me want to visit Bruges – I love being a tourist in a shithole.  At some deeper level, the film was moving and bittersweet.  I thought it was interesting that CF’s character and RF’s character had much the same moral compass about the price one should pay when one breaks an unforgivable rule. However, BG’s moral code was about loyalty and sacrifice for someone you love. BG’s code was based more on his relationships, rather than a rigid set of rules that must be followed no matter what. This one hits on so many levels, it’s one of my favorites from 2008.

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A: Hey there S, I think that being in Bruges is like being in a fairytale. Nah, jk, Bruges is a shithole. When I become a hitman and am interviewing with my new boss, I’m going to make sure I know what his favorite place is so that when I inevitably botch my first hit, I can at least end up somewhere I enjoy, like Sicily or Tampere. The premise of this show is incredibly original, and I’ve never seen another plot like it. It has officially trumped Heathers as my favorite black comedy; it’s saturated with darkness yet remains hilarious all the way through…all while you continue to watch in disbelief at the strangeness of each new scene. At no point does it ever abandon that perfect balance. Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrell both make a departure from already diverse performances in other films, and this alone contributes to the originality. And eww, no, the midget is not sexy. But that Brendan Gleeson. Yeah baby. I never thought I’d enjoy a performance of his more than I did in Lake Placid, but this film put him over the top. His combined clarity, conviction, sensitivity, and loyalty as a hitman and a humanitarian make him the most memorable character of the film. I recommend this movie to any one who loves black comedies, and I loan my copy out regularly to ensure other people’s lives are sure to be enriched by it.

S: Wha? I can’t believe you don fink the midget is sexy? God I love the cockney Ralph Fiennes. I bet he loved playing this role, it probably got the nasty taste of “The English Patient” out of his mouth. I usually don’t like Colin Farrell – God, remember fucking “Alexander” Jesus! But he is wonderful in this movie. He romances the chick – who played Fleur Delacour in “The Goblet of Fire” and it’s believable. Wait, there’s a Brendan Gleeson connection right there.
I’m gonna watch it tonight on Video on Demand and accompany it with a Belgian “GAY” beer.  Best moments: Every time CF says Bruges is a shithole and blatantly orders a “gay” beer from a Belgian bartender, every time RF says it’s like being in a fairytale, every time BG rolls his eyes, when BG tells the midget that he has a beautiful woman with him and the midget says, she’s a prostitute, and BG says he didn’t know there were prostitutes in Bruges and the midget says they aren’t hard to find if you know where to look – “brothels are good.” I give this movie three:

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  1. admin says:

    A, just edit the post for your dialog. We can just keep editing until we feel we’ve exhausted the subject, lol

  2. admin says:

    LOL yeah I’m commenting on my comment – oh well. I updated some of my thoughts about the movie after talking with GL today. She likes this movie too, by the way. I invited her to do guest reviews any time she wanted to.

  3. GL says:

    Love the WordPress Theme! But more importantly totally loved In Bruges. We laughed out loud all the way through. You gotta love men who stick to their principles. Can’t wait to watch it again. And for the record – I vote “fairytale”….

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