Amazon Prime Shipping

March 27th, 2009

From A: A general word of advice for anyone who happens across this page: If you shop on and haven’t subscribed to Amazon Prime shippping, you are missing out! I’ve subscribed to it for several years, and since then, I have enjoyed free 2-day shipping, which comes in mega-handy around the holidays or birthdays when I order gifts to be delivered to family and friends. Because of Amazon Prime, I shop on Amazon probably 75% more . It’s so cool to have the items arrive so quickly and not have to spend time standing in line or hunting for a DVD amongst shelves that with no logical form of alphebetization or categorization. It’s especially nice when ordering large items that typically require more expensive shipping costs. It really does end up paying for itself and saving me lots of cash even beyond that. I also like it that if I want to upgrade to 1-day shipping, I can pay just a few dollars to do so. That’s really cheap compared to many other online shopping services. available domains I know I sound like a cheesy TV ad, but I really do want to share this feedback because I’ve been surprised at how beneficial this service has been, not just in monetary savings but also in convenience. Okay S, go ahead and tease me for wasting valuable movie reviewing time by gushing over Amazon’s shipping options. 😉

Go here to check out Amazon Prime shipping for yourself. Subscribe and thank yourself around Christmas time. 😉

From S: uh where is my xmas present? I don’t remember getting anything from you in an Amazon box. huh? I’ve been an Amazon Prime member since about 2005 and I think it really helps me give presents to myself.  <cough> I mean to my friends, uh huh.

From A: Hmm, so I guess having your BFF travel all the way from TN to hand-deliver your xmas present just isn’t the same as receiving that Amazon box in the mail? OK, next time I’ll put in an Amazon box, LOL. 😛

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